About Us

We will build our care around you, your friend and relatives with the finest care in activities of daily living.

Our Mission

Giving the community a better living environment

Eagle Care Alternatives Ltd is a care service provider, caring for the elderly, those with learning disabilities, mental health, End of life and physical disabilities patients.

At Eagle Care Alternatives Ltd, we believe that everyone in need of care should be granted the best possible service in a safe, friendly and trustworthy environment.

Eagle Care Alternatives aims to become known as the preferred care provider to the community. We strive to meet the need of our clients by providing high quality carer that understand our
client’s cultural and religious beliefs.

Our purpose is to promote independence,  improve  health and emotional well-being, improve quality of life, make a positive contribution, increase choices and control and also, to support all of our service users to maintain personal dignity and respect. Where there are children involved, we will work with all involved parties to help improve and protect their lives.

We will respect the dignity and individuality of all our service users and members of staff and value their knowledge, skills and experience.

We will ensure that our working environment is healthy, safe and secure and all our practices meet current statutory requirements. We will provide opportunity for open debate and discussion, while upholding the principle of confidentiality for all customers and staff.

We all need to have an equal chance according to our individuality to live free from fear, discrimination and prejudice in a just and equal society where diversity is valued, so discrimination, harassment, intimidation verbal and physical abuse will never be tolerated at Eagle Care Alternatives Ltd.


Our Values

Up-to-date training
Open Door Policy
Adherence to policies & procedures
Time conscious
Flexible working

Our Objectives

    • Achieving positive outcomes
    • To achieve personalised care to service care
    • To promote good health and independence
    • To deliver right training to the communities
    • To provide service users with carers that match their requirements e.g. religion, gender, culture & belief